Sunday, January 31, 2010

new stud toy

Meet stud. He’s charming, he’s handsome, he’s lonely…take him home! You ever been at a bakery and there was that one cupcake that looked so good and tasty that you wanted to buy so bad, but you felt that it was too fattening? Well here’s your chance to buy a cupcake with no regrets and hesitation . He is the first toy from a new line of toys named Snackz this toy came from the minds of Toy designers Tony titanium cleng, and Xian in conjunction with Inuart and AGE studios. Each one of these pieces are hand made in Brooklyn at Inuart studios. Each piece is glow in the dark and comes with the following: a color matched resin plate, limited edition print, and sticker. This is your chance to take home a truly limited work of art.